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The Sauce

Grilled Mango Habanero

When Heat meets Sweet. A sweet and fruity flavor with a serious Grilled habanero kick to it!

0,00 US$

Garlic Parmesan

Garlic parmesan is creamy and savory, giving our wings and menu items a bit of our flavor that will leave you licking your lips.

0,00 US$

Lemon Pepper

This Bright lemon flavor with notes of black pepper and our own special blend is just a WINNER!!!!

0,00 US$


Terrifically tasty: Savory and full- bodied Sweet and tangy - our own teriyaki sauce... again another champion.

0,00 US$


This Miami BBQ sauce makes these wings national champions.

0,00 US$


Not merely hot, our jerk sauce is incendiary and gets its kick from a blend of ingredients all our own. An excellently exotic sauce: red peppers you love, island spices you crave.

0,00 US$


Try the NEW sweet and spicy combination of honey and Sriracha. NOT Available on all our saucy foods, for dine-in, takeout or delivery at our nearest location

0,00 US$


Try the new Grillden Fire Sauce - only available when you order takeout or delivery with TGWH May NOT be Available at all locations

0,00 US$

Miami's Hot Honey

The NEW sweet and savory combination of honey, soy, and other Miami's spices make these just the perfect blend

0,00 US$

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