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The Grilled chicken sandwich



Hands down, one of the best grilled burgers in town! served on a golden brioche bun. Served with with our signature grilled Sause and pickles

5,50 US$

"The Closed-on-Sunday Chicken Sandwich." image

"The Closed-on-Sunday Chicken Sandwich."

''AVALABLE ON SUNDAYS ONLY'' It's a well-known dilemma for many of our guests, that there are restaurants that are closed on Sunday just when you’re craving it most. In an attempt to the fill the longing we made our own its just a must try only on SUNDAYS

5,30 US$

The Grilled Fillet

5,89 US$

The Grilled Pizza

The grilled pizza  image

The grilled pizza


8,89 US$

Game Day Box Deal

Game Box

25 wings with the fries and 2 liter soda.

37,99 US$

Super Sports Day Box

25 wings with Large Frifecta, 6 mozzarella sticks, and soda.

35,99 US$

Ultra Day Box

50 wings with curly fries and 2 sodas, premium flavors.

73,99 US$

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